60 years developing cutting edge additives with the best technical and human team.


asúa was born in 1953 in the outskirts of Bilbao, with the intention of providing specific additives to the growing PVC industry. Currently, asúa has a large staff of highly technical professionals, leads the Spanish market and exports to different countries.


During asúa´s 60 years of history, it has always maintained an excellent relationship with the market, which has enabled it to achieve a deep understanding of the processes of plastics processing.




In this way, asúa has remained in constant cooperation with leading international technology forums, allowing us to see first hand the new trends of additives first hand, and always keeping al the forefront of international technology.

In this manner, asúa possesses research facilities that have developed their own technologies on which its high quality products are based.

Therefore, asúa  is continuously evolving, leading the way for the establishment of new additive technologies.

asúa combines modern and multi-purpose production facilities achieving levels of quality and productivity that can compete in all markets.

The versatility and flexibility of the plant are essential to meet the premise of meeting all customer needs and evolve with them to achieve service excellence.

Within the Strategic Diversification Plan, asúa has made significant investments in new facilities, acquiring a large production capacity in New Generation Additives.